Belt Testing

In order to progress in Taekwondo, you have to go through belt testing. These are exciting occasions for our student to show off all they have trained for to their parents and their peers. The belt tests are divided between the belt color levels and the amount of students testing, so always keep an eye on our postings about belt testing, to find out when the next test will be.

Special Events

We are happy to offer special events and parties in our locale. It is perfect for such occasions and we definitely take advantage of that. We often throw theme parties depending on the season and have special treats for our students like Sleep Overs, which the parents love, and summer camps.

We also give our students the use of the facilities for their private birthday parties. Imagine, all the active fun without the clean up! This is also a favorite benefit the parents love.

Demo Team

The Storm Demo Team is made up of our students and trainers. They are  available to do events around the area. Please go to our demo team page to find out more.