We offer classes ranging from Little Ninjas in kindergarten through adults – no age limit! Students are provided instruction emphasizing individual ability and fitness level. Beginners will quickly feel comfortable in our friendly, fun, and encouraging environment. The benefits of learning Taekwondo extend beyond the Dojang. You will soon see why learning Taekwondo is one of the best decisions you will make!

Little Ninjas (kindergarten-6 years old)

This program is designed for kindergarten and first grade children. Students learn taekwondo fundamentals with extra emphasis on respect and self control. Little Ninjas develop coordination and balance while having fun and burning that extra energy!


Taekwondo offers many benefits associated with confidence building, focus and discipline the children receive while in training. It helps them get better grades in school while developing friendships in a positive environment, and at the same time, remaining physically active. They work on their core strengths while learning in a social environment, and progressing at an individual rate.


(Adults of all belt levels are welcomed to this class.) Taekwondo develops physical and mental coordination. Among many physical benefits of Taekwondo are self defense, weight control, flexibility, and stamina. Emotional benefits include stress relief, improved focus, and learning new skills. Taekwondo is a perfect Mind-Body workout!


Family is important at Master Lim’s Taekwondo Academy. Busy families enjoy the benefits of taekwondo together in a single class. Working together on mutual goals helps strengthen family ties, communication, and promotes greater success inside and outside of taekwondo.


Homeschool Program

Our homeschool class is a new addition to our programs. We emphasize physical development through martial arts techniques and self defense training, as well as character development. Please inquire for details regarding this daytime class.


Black Belt Classes

For our young black belt students

The learning does not end after you reach your black belt goal, there is still lots to learn at Master Lim’s! We offer black belt specific classes to keep earning a higher degree in Taekwondo. You can join our demo team or do special events with us. You can train among your peers and get the satisfaction of great physical strength along with the camaraderie of people in the same mind set. Come join us today!

Guess what? The Storm is coming!

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