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Welcome to Master Lim's Taekwondo Academy!

Located in Brockport, Master Lim’s Taekwondo Academy is a unique Taekwondo facility. Training focuses on techniques and philosophical foundations that make it a way of life as well as a martial art.

Our students learn Taekwondo’s unique kicking, punching, and blocking techniques through training in form (poomse), self defense, and free sparring (International Olympic style).

Practicing Taekwondo instills confidence, respect, and focus while improving physical fitness, weight control, strength, and stamina. The philosophy of Taekwondo emphasizes respect for self and others.

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Being a student has its perks!

Our students can celebrate their birthday at our location and have an excellent active birthday party! (And the parents don’t have to clean up!) Learn about our programs and become a student today!

Our Programs


We are a big family at Master Lim’s Academy! We give our students the privilege to celebrate their special day with us and we also offer Summer Camps, Sleepovers and other fun activities. Our students are able to have fun in our safe facility for games and physical activities that will keep them entertained and healthy.


We also have our special Storm Demo Team! The team is completely made of our own students.
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The Storm Demo Team

We showcase the talents of our students while teaching everyone about Taekwondo. It is a fun time for everyone to enjoy and our demo team is available for performances at your private event!

Storm Demo Team



  • Both my kids have been with Master Lim for 3 years! it is the best program you could ever put your kids into. Master Lim is by far the best instructor and teaches all his classes. He is fantastic with all kids and he has a way about him that all the kids not only respect him fully, but they love him! My kids have just received their black belts and they are so excited with all the hard work they have done. They have learned respect, self defense, self confidence and patience in this program. This is the best thing you can do for your kids and worth every penny spent.

    Theresa Miller
    - Spencerport Resident
  • Our family of four started TKD at Master Lim’s almost three years ago and we hope to earn black belt next spring. We split our time between adult classes, kids’ belt classes, and family classes. Master Lim is a gifted instructor of technique and philosophy, and he helps every individual reach his/her full potential. As adults, we are able to do things we never imagined possible, and after three years, we are still always excited to go to class. Our kids have learned respect, grown personally, and gained physical confidence. Master Lim’s is our family’s favorite place to spend time, not just for the excellent instruction and exercise but for the supportive atmosphere and the camaraderie with all of our TKD friends and families.

    Debbie Stempien
    - Hamlin Resident
  • Out of all the masters I’ve had in several different martial arts, Master Lim is my favorite. Not only because he knows his stuff but also because of the stress free way he teaches his students and how he connects with them… If you have any hesitation about going to him for instruction because you want to find the best in this area, save yourself the trouble and go see him, you won’t be sorry.

    Dennis Peak II
    - posted on FB
  • The BEST instructor, staff, and school family ANYWHERE!

    John Sheehan
    - posted on FB
  • Both of my kids have learned Taekwondo from Master Lim. I have never seen an instructor or coach connect so well with my kids. He is hands down the best instructor around.


  • Our granddaughter tried Taekwondo with Master Lim as her instructor and the transition is amazing! The confidence in her own self worth has grown so much.

  • My son is really excited about Taekwondo. In a two month period his confidence has come so far. Great for exercise and discipline. Would definitely recommend.